Top 5 Sources of Inspiration While At Home

– Photo: Styledespresso [From our stay at the Sands Hotel & Spa earlier this year] – Staying calm and a strong positive attitude with a good dose of patience is key during this time.

So, we are all in this together! For many of us ,this is the first time that we are spending all of our time, at home. As in, Work From Home (WFH), play from home, live from home. It is definitely all about finding and establishing a balance that Works For You (WFY, perhaps?!) I emphasize the WFY aspect as everyone will have varying levels of adjusting to plan out the days and weeks to be both comfortable yet productive.

– Photo: Styledespresso [From our stay at the Sands Hotel & Spa earlier this year] – Highlighting the intersection and blending of work space and rest space

I have WFH since I graduated college. This includes various sales and marketing positions. I briefly transitioned to working from an actual office, too. TBH, that, was quite difficult to adjust to given that I “grew up” working from my own office space at home. Late last year, I returned to my WFH “roots” as co-business owner and entrepreneur. I can understand that the adjustments to be made, going the other way around as well, can be a challenge to say the least.

– Photo: Styledespresso [From our stay at the Sands Hotel & Spa earlier this year] – Never stop day dreaming, even at home!

The amazing thing is the amount of inspiration that’s out there and that is easily accessible to everyone. Just swiping through IG is enough to give everyone Home and WFH and At Home Style inspiration for months and year(s?) to come. I confess, I scroll through my favorite influencer and brand accounts for inspo, on the daily *coffee in hand, per usual.

– Photo: Styledespresso [From our stay at the Sands Hotel & Spa earlier this year] I wanted to highlight that being at home can still be glam and cozy at the same time – just add a bathrobe and some eyeliner! Works for me every time, a lift of the eye and the spirit with a flick of an eye pen.
– Photo: Styledespresso [From our stay at the Sands Hotel & Spa earlier this year] – Mixing work, some fun, wearing both hats at once!, and some good R&R is part of a good stay at home mix. Here, featuring the “playful” hat and the “boss mode” hat.

So, get your coffee (or drink of choice) ready. (Maybe a good Cab if its PM? It’s always 5PM somewhere, right?!)

I am sharing my top 5 sources of inspiration while at home. I frequently reference these online magazines and shops (among many other sources of inspo, maybe a TBC post later?) to help my mind wander. Or to, on occasion, switch up the home vibe to better suit the family needs as we continue this Spring [Cozy At Home] Season.

– Photo: Styledespresso, At Home drinking espresso (aka the daily routine)
– Photo: Styledespresso, At Home with my favorite new dining table details. Figurine and vases from H&M. Stone Coffee Mugs from Happily Grey. –

Hope these help energize that home-body imagination! Stay well, stay home and stay positive. I will end with saying that I realized how, at times, I may have taken my home for granted. Now, I definitely have a deeper appreciation of all of it – the noises, pillows, toys, play dough, pets, paint on the wall, pet hair, comfortable atmosphere, cozy vibe, loving family – that makes up my home.

– Photo Credit: Jenny Kayne –

JENNY KAYNE – Minimalist details with preppy and classic undertones. Love JK for their recommendations on obtaining calm and joy within the home and for their amazing book recommendations (have two of these in my reading queue aka. bedroom table).

– Photo Credit: Matches Fashion

MATCHES FASHION – Elegant yet playful details to get you through Stay at Home. Love their paired back fashion and home pieces – I am a big fan of their organic yet whimsical forms for the home.

– Photo Credit: Moda Operandi

MODA OPERANDI – Escapist vibe and totally lust-worthy IT – fashion and home inspiration. See their “Five Movies to Watch Right Now” – complete with Brigitte Bardot and Liv Tyler movie references (love!)

Best Coffee Table Books: The Most Stylish Tomes To Own
– Photo Credit: Net-A-Porter

NET-A-PORTER – They had me at “7 Coffee-Table Books with Style and Substance“. Enough said! Designer Women's Fashion Brands
-Photo Credit: Shopbop

SHOPBOP – One of my go-to online shopping destinations (open their app to “screen shop” at least a few times a day!) Fun and accessible fashion, they have started adding in more options for the Home. Their pieces are for the playful at heart!

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