Feeling golden.

Lately, I have been really feeling gold layering details and natural woodsy notes. Although we are still officially in winter, San Diego has been winter one day and summer the next and just wearing a few things gold help ease from cloudy to sunny and back on a morning’s notice! Also, layers have been my saving look for this ambivalent weather and definitely have crossed over to my accessories and fragrances.

Here, I’m sharing my favorite layering accessories and scents (see below along with links to where to buy these exact pieces!) that work perfectly for “now and later” / winter and spring-summer and definitely on rotation, now. Layering is everything, from styling my looks to styling my dinner table…more on home inspo, soon!

*Local SD brand Parpala Jewelry: amps up the layer game with edgy boho-chic vibes [Horn Necklace and Vintage Coin Necklace]

*Handmade, wanderlust-inducing Nula Jewelry: how cute is this travel inspired piece?! to remind you to travel with style [Airplane and Cloud Travel Series Necklace]

*This super chic dark teal leather trimmed satin pouch with gold ring from Theory available at Net-a-Porter (pouches in any variation will be trending starting now for both day and night!…bonus: this particular model can be worn three ways, via the gold ring, via a leather strap and the double gold chains as a cross body or shoulder bag! (Also available in a cute and definitely color of the moment: Marigold)

*Rings are vintage gold rings perfect for wearing multiple per hand. Make sure to keep these of simple edgy design so as to blend with other accessories and not overwhelm!)

And finally, what could pair better with these golden layers than a touch of wooden notes layered with scents of leather? Cue in Hermès Galop d’Hermès and Diptyque Feu de Bois, both available at Nordstrom. These fragrances are both fresh, natural and instill notes of a subdued seduction for self and home. This candle along with my daily macchiato help infuse inspo throughout my morning as I prepare for the day.

I will admit, these are definitely an investment but, what’s not to love about a smart pieces that work on the daily, all year long?! Seriously, these are my daily outfit “toppers!” to go with my classic basics plus those key selected trendy pieces I incorporate each season.

Hopefully these pieces I’m sharing below provide inspo to “feel golden!” and easily transition from winter to spring and beyond!

Would you like to see more about smart investment beauty, home and style items? Let me know in comments below!

xo- Jazmín

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