Effortless Cool.

This past weekend we made our way up north from San Diego to Los Angeles for our first “trip” as a family of three and I decided on key pieces that would give that Los Angeles effortless cool style.

When everything is timed in intervals of 2 to 3 hours #lifeofnewparents, sometimes a quick local getaway is in order and Los Angeles never disappoints! Surprisingly, all went extraordinarily well and our baby boy seemed to take to travel like his parents (hooray!) All in all, a great first step towards travel with baby!

I planned out a few yummy places to visit for eats and espresso (of course!) as well as made an effort of sporting two key outfit details that normally do not come top of mind for me: hats (I used to have a thing about incompatibility of my beach wave hair and hats) and a low-heel (I’m petite, what can I say).

If you’ve followed me on insta, you may have noticed that these two have slowly been making their way as fun details topping off my outfits. I am glad I opened up to them as they have proven versatile, comfortable (for pushing around strollers, running around changing diapers, cool alternative to a topknot for that second and third day hair ;), etc.) and surprisingly effortlessly cool (a little nod to model off-duty chic look, perhaps?!)…think I may be incorporating more of these two along with my usual sans chapeau and high-heel uniform!

Below, I’m sharing two of the key spots where we went for eats+macchiatos as well as these fav effortless accessories to change up the on rotation and always on trend staples of oversized moto jackets, sweaters and high-waisted jeans.

Would love to hear what your fav accessories/details are to spruce up your outfit, any new ones you’ve tried?!

xo- Jazmín

Items seen on this post:

Zara Leather Baker Boy Hat

HM Oversized Sweater (similar option)

Genuine People Oversized Faux SuedeMoto Jacket (on sale! plus additional 30% off now. don’t miss it…this jacket is a must!)

Levis Orange Tab Slim Straight High Waisted Jeans (on sale now! these fit sooo good!)

Zara Leather Ankle Boots (similar ones)

Gucci Bag

Spots to visit for a quick family outing in LA:

For Yummy Brunch, Cute Café setting and some fun “Who’s Who” People Watching: The Ivy

For AMAzing! Macchiatos, you all know I had to stop in here before leaving LA Styledespresso’s #butfirstcoffee (+feel good sayings ie: brains are the new beauty! (heck, ya!) for your espresso to go while you stroll the block window shopping your fav brand dreams!): Alfred

Checkout pics below of my outfit and Ivy and Alfred! Let me know your thoughts, babes.

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