New mom baby essentials.

It has been 6-weeks since R.E was born and yes, exhaustion is real!, but, the fun and wonder of new parent life far outweighs the sleepless nights and fussy mornings.

We are all finally getting the beginning of a routine down, amen!, and I have found that that a few key items/”new parent tools” have helped make this process easier and so much more stylish!

Below, I am sharing a list of baby essentials that have made our parent lives more efficient and allowed me to keep my minimalist-whimsy style esthetic. Hope these work for you and as they have for us.

Share the new parent love! I would love to hear what has worked for you….comment below!


Bumbleride Stroller “Speed” : R and I looked at many strollers but were not convinced by the small tires and seemingly “flimsy” feel to the build. We came across Bumbleride in Little Italy in San Diego and could not have found a better stroller to match our lifestyle. The Speed stroller is so versatile, perfect for city living and outdoors activities such as going for a jog on the beach or hiking. Super smooth ride due to its great suspension and large tires with grip to allow for this “all-terrain” use. It has a simple design and available in various color combos. We chose the matte black for its sleek appearance. Plus, it is a local San Diego company. The design definitely speaks to San Diego living perfectly!

Nuna Baby Car Seat “Suited Collection” : Not only did we choose this this car seat for its super smart and chic design but, it because it is compatible with the Bumbleride Stroller for the newborn and early infancy stages! With a quick chang, you can have this go from infant by using the Nuna car seat Bumbleride stroller adapters to toddler by snapping back in the Bumbleride stroller seat parts.

Nuna Leaf “Curv” : This baby pacifier seat soothes baby by swaying gently left to right, like a leaf in the wind! Plus, keeping with Nuna design, is so sleek looking in the home!

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump : Super easy to use and great for on the go and travel!

Little Unicorn Muslin Swaddle Blankets : These are the softest swaddles I’ve seen and they come in the most adorable of prints! Plus, they offer cotton muslin and organic cotton muslin. I recommend getting a few of these to have on hand…they don’t take up too much space in diaper bag and are warm and light for baby.

Rosie Pope Onesies : Cutest prints and only onesies that have maintained their size/shape well. Others I have found stretch out and result in little R.E. becoming frustrated by entangled feet within the onesie. Plus, they have option of becoming non-onesie by allowing foot panel to be pulled off and hang off comfortably to the back of the leg!

RH Baby and Child Moses Basket : Beautiful design and cozy enough for baby to feel comfortable and secure.

Mustela Baby Care Kit : Simply said, best baby smell ever! I use it on myself sometimes, too! Takes me back to my childhood.

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