Summer Escape to the Jungle

Summer is upon us and finding your mini escape to your own private oasis, when possible, is never a bad idea. Recently, we found the answer for this search for the “mini-escape to personal bliss” via the most secluded and yes, romantic!, of hotels, Viceroy Riviera Maya @Playa del Carmen, Q.R., México.

One day here and you will not want to go back to the city (true story, we promise!) While it takes a little bit of a drive through the highways and then off a tiny beaten path which seems to be full of construction (do not fret!), as soon as the taxi turns a barely visible bend in this path which will make you all too quickly forget all about the construction and highways…(insert big exhale here!) Bliss!…you arrive at the Viceroy Hotel.Nestled within the coastal jungle of the Riviera Maya, you circle around and step out into what seems to be the largest and most luxurious of palm thatched roofed rooms, you have ever seen. Then you start hearing the water from the waterfalls (visible and hidden) and the constant callings of the jungle and, before you know it, you are being greeted by the linen wearing staff (or shall we say bliss guides), invited to sit-down in one of the inviting chairs and sofas and handed a beautiful hand-painted tall clay cup of their special iced coconut and lemongrass tea. We swear you will want to drink this all day and night – so refreshing and just makes you feel damn good!…especially after drinking some Mezcal at the beach (hey, at least this will keep you extra hydrated!)Now, the villas, these are definitely in line with the story so far, however, take you to another chapter all together! Secluded (apologies if this word is repeated quite too many times, however, cannot stress this enough) with the array of tropical plants, trees and vines growing from all direction, offering privacy from other villas and guests.Each with its own private walkway path, these luxury villas offer a relaxing plunge pool surrounded by your own private garden and day beds (okay, you may encounter a monkey or two or three peaking down from the thatched roof of your villa, but again, this is part of the intrigue of this hotel which allows you to be comfortable yet in touch with part of the natural habitat).The largest sliding doors you have seen, open up to your suite accommodation which is just as luxurious and blissfully nice as everything up to that point. Surprisingly expansive, they allow for a quite, cool respite from the overall oasis, as if one needed additional escape from the “mini-escape to personal bliss.”Well, there is a third level of escape from the escape, if you can believe it, at the Viceroy’s Spa. This spa is a jungle dream and would definitely recommend the 2-Hour massage at the outdoor massage garden. What could be better than to relax from a day at the beach or pool or snorkeling at the renown cenotes than by letting yourself drift away to the constant tones of the garden’s waterfall and the steady rhythm of the expert massage therapists hands.We could go on and on (yes, I know, kinda did already #sorrynotsorry!) about the hidden surprises of this hotel nestled in the jungle however, it is a “must-see” for yourselves and highly recommended in all aspects of accommodations, activities food, service and Bliss!

See below for additional pictures from this jungle escape along with a few recommended style staples to take with you and let us know what you think.

Happy travel planning! -j&r.

Bring the beach basics, you will only need one or two boho-chic and cute bikinis (see last image!), great pair of sunnies and a cute n’ easy cover up. Quay Austrial My Girl Sunnies (blue and other colors here), Zara Striped Pompom Coverup (style no longer available, similar styles here).Must Haves While There: Iced Coconut Lemongrass Tea and Pastel Azteca!Marysia Swim Venice Bikini Top (color no longer available, other colors available here), Quay Austrial My Girl Sunnies (blue and other colors here), Pearl Choker from La Bikineria, Playa del Carmen.

(All images shot by and property of styledespresso, unless otherwise noted)

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